Thursday, August 12, 2010

More Steps to Writing Successful Revenue Generating E-Zines


E-zines are electronic magazines delivered by email. They provide subscribers interesting information while allowing you to promote and sell your product(s).

Publishing an e-zine strengthens your status as an expert in your marketplace and potentially converting readers into subscribers and customers.

Here are four (4) more steps to writing successful revenue generating e-zines:

1. Provide reviews. Let the reader know about a new product; how it works, how it functions, the features, and the benefits it will provide them. Provide all the information on how to get this product. For example: “Go to the web site and click on the Try it Now! button”

2. Provide pictures. If a picture of the product, product package, or system is available, include it in the article if space allows. This will give the reader a visual of the product and what he is getting if he decides to make a purchase.

3. Add a “special feature” article section. This can be a “Ask the experts”, “A Message from the CEO”, “ What the Competitor's Are Saying about us and why?” column section. This is an added attraction that might create a following of subscribers to look for this first. Kind of like a magnet to the e-zine.

4. Send out special mailings to subscribers. Announce a special promotion, a teleseminar, webinar, special event, or other promotional activity that may not be included in the e-zine. Be selective with subscribers, not all need to receive this. This will make the readers feel special and a part of the company's “top subscribers list”. Keep the special mailings to a minimum mailing cycle. Bombarding readers with emails will decrease effectiveness of the mailings and potentially increase unsubscribe requests.

Try these steps and see what happens. Your e-zine will be a valued advantage to your readers and watch them turn into subscribers and buyers.

If you've tried any of these steps, leave a comment and let me know how they worked for you. Thanks.

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