Friday, May 21, 2010

E- zines are one of the Best Viral Marketing Tools

E-zines are electronic magazines delivered by email. They provide subscribers interesting information while allowing the company to promote and sell their product(s).

Business to Business (B2B) marketing campaigns generally have some type of e-zine on their list of offerings. These are replacing trade magazines in some respects. But trade mags still have their importance as well as a captive audiences.

More marketing departments are using outside copywriters to write e-zines, in some cases on a continued basis. Making a company's e-zine successful will keep their clients, prospects, and potential buyers looking forward to getting the next issue. Companies do not have the staff, and possible expertise, to keep an active e-zine published and distributed.

Companies publishing an e-zine strengthens their status as experts in their market and potentially converting their readers to customers.

E-zines are distributed frequently to a subscriber's email In-Box monthly, bi-monthly, or weekly depending on the circulation.

A Company's E-zine subscribers list is very valuable to them. It is another avenue for potential sales, information sharing, product awareness, announcements, etc.

E-Zines are like newsletters with sections of content, graphics, and contact information including URL hot links to web sites for more information.

E-Zines can be upwards to 2,000+ words along with many pages of articles, stories, and features. Some can cover an entire web page.

E-zines are similar to magazines containing pictures, articles, graphics, how-to guides, and other interests the readers want and expect.

Depending on the E-zine, a graphic artist may be required for the layout and design of pictures, charts, graphs, or images.

E-zines can become as popular as blogs. To some companies they are a requirement and are better received than a blog from their clients and prospects.

But what do you think? Is an e-zine better than a Blog? A Blog better than an e-zine? Or are they both as equally powerful in the viral marketing messaging delivery? Let us know. Your comments are welcomed.

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  1. I agree that E-zines are among the best marketing tools. Moreover, E-zines have been the most reliable content source of facts and information over the net. This is one of the reasons why companies outsource SEO--to mix viral marketing and SEO implementation that will convert prospects into buyers and turn buyers into regular customers.